Our rates include the use of all studio equipment. Recording and back-up media and piano tuning are an additional cost.


5-Hour Session (9a to 2p or 7p to midnight) $350.00 (deposit of $175)

8-Hour Session (9a to 6pm or 3p to midnight) $500.00 (deposit of $250)

10-Hour (Lock-Out) $625.00 (deposit of $312.50)

Rates include the use of all studio equipment. Tape, data storage, and piano tuning are an additional cost. The piano can be tuned specifically for your session and the studio will split the cost with you.

Deposits: A deposit of half the session cost will confirm your booking. A session is only "penciled in" until the deposit is received by Overdub Lane Recording. "Penciled-in" dates are subject to being booked by other clients without notice to you until your deposit is received. Deposit will be applied to your balance due at end of session date(s).

Payment: in full is due at end of the session (or session block of days). Recorded material (analog or digital tape, CD) can leave the studio only when balance is paid in full.

Back-Ups: For safe-keeping, our studio policy is to always make two back-ups of your project. One copy goes on our studio archival hard drive for which we charge a one-time fee of $2 per gigabyte. The other copy goes home with you, the client, and depending on the size of your project (how much data needs to be stored), it might all fit onto a CD (no charge), or a DVDR ($5 plus tax), or for larger projects perhaps an AIT Tape or your own hard drive would be needed. Your engineer will be able to let you know this cost more exactly when you talk with them about your project.

Cancellations: If we are able to re-book your dates, your entire deposit can be used to book different dates. The earlier you contact us, the more likely we will be able to re-book your cancelled dates. If we cannot re-book, your deposit will not be refunded, and you will need to make another deposit for any future dates booked. (We will make exceptions for illness, etc.)

Recording and Back-Up Media:

  • Hard Drive Archive Space (for long term storage of your data) $2 per gigabyte
  • CDR's (for audio or data) Free of Charge
  • DVDR's (for Pro Tools Data) $5/ea
  • 200 gigabyte Firewire Hard Drive (for Pro Tools data) $200/ea
  • There is a 6.75% North Carolina Sales Tax on all media (tapes/hard drives, etc.)

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